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A vibrant town centre at the heart of Blindwells

Hargreaves Land is working on the delivery of a mixed-use town centre providing a range of retail facilities, business space, homes and community facilities all supporting a sustainable 20-minute neighbourhood.
As part of the recently submitted planning application, the following facilities are proposed within the Blindwells Town Centre:-


An exciting mix of retail and leisure spaces

  • Retail units ranging in size to support potential town centre facilities such as Cafés, shops, hairdresser, pharmacies and other key town centre retail uses.
  • Local supermarket
  • Wellbeing facility
  • Potential gym and community space

Work, rest and play at Blindwells

  • Class 4 employment units
  • Ground floor office space
  • Trade spaces (Class 5 and Class 6)
  • Affordable homes
  • Private residential apartments overlooking Princes Loch
  • Adequate local parking facilities, including EV charging facilities, that will support the town centre uses but also support the principles of a 20-minute neighbourhood prioritising sustainable modes of travel such as walking and cycling


Class 4


Office (other than specified under Class 2).

Research and development of products or processes, light industry.

Class 5

(General Industrial)

General industrial (use for carrying out an industrial process other than one falling with Class 4 (Business) definition. This use class can also accommodate trade counter uses along with showroom and retail on the basis these are ancillary to an industrial use.

Class 6

(General Industrial)

Storage or Distribution centres.

Further Information

Business Space / Commercial


Ryden LLP

7 Exchange Crescent Edinburgh
Tel:0131 225 6612

Retail & Leisure


21-23 Thistle Street, Edinburgh
Tel: 0131 226 6611

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