Tree Planting Scheme Heralds New Growth

April 22, 2022

As Hargreaves Land continues to invest in a sustainable future for Scotland’s former industrial sites, the firm has unveiled its latest plans to help transform Blindwells into a rich, attractive and bio-diverse landscape.

Working in partnership with landscape and urban design architects, Oobe, together with  land and built environment specialist P1 Contractors, Hargreaves is opening a new, greener chapter for the former mine with a major tree-planting scheme, which will see whole swathes of new woodland created.

A key part of long-term investment in the site’s on-going regeneration and development, the woodland between the residential plots will provide aesthetic value, increase habitat opportunities for local wildlife, improve tree species diversity while improving views into and out of the site.

Thousands of trees, woodland plants and meadow grasslands will be planted from this November as part of the initial phase to create an eye-catching natural landscape, which will be enjoyed by local people and visitors for decades to come. Species have been carefully selected for their relevance to the surrounding area and will be predominantly native with a small number of ornamental trees.

Emma McNicholas, landscape architect at Oobe, said: “We are delighted to be part of the team delivering this exciting project.  The strong green/blue infrastructure will transform what was a brownfield site into a bio -diverse, habitat rich landscape where nature and people can thrive together.”

The initiative is part of a masterplan to deliver a robust, beautifully natural-looking site-wide infrastructure, focused around biodiversity and wellbeing – woodland belts, screen planting, tree lined avenues and wildflower meadows create a robust, green network of spaces and the perfect backdrop for development plots to nestle into.

Scott Waite, Head of Project Management at Hargreaves Land, said the investment represents the next exciting step in the long-term regeneration of Blindwells.

He said: “We’re excited to be working with Oobe and P1 Contractors to create sustainable green spaces that will leave a lasting legacy for future generations to enjoy. By working together, we have a real opportunity to not only to create diverse habitats that enhance and protect our wildlife, but also transform former industrial landscapes and give them a new lease of life.”